Group, Health, & Life Insurance Benefits in NJ, NY, and PA

Life insurance protects you and your family into the future. Term life insurance provides good coverage at reasonable rates. Whole Life Insurance (permanent) is more costly but has tax advantages.

In addition to providing a death benefit, whole/permanent Life Insurance can help to increase your assets, protect your business, plan for retirement or transfer an estate.

As your life changes, your life insurance coverage may need to change to align with your current needs. Some life events that often require a change in coverage include:

  • Marriage/Divorce
  • Birth of a child
  • Opening or expansion of a business
  • Change in your health or that of your spouse or child
  • Care needed for an aging parent
  • Purchase of a new home
  • Concerns about retirement
  • Refinancing a home
  • Receiving an inheritance

What type of life insurance is best for you? Let us assist you in identifying the best protection for you and your family.

Long-term care insurance may be your best option if you develop a chronic illness or become disabled and can no longer care for yourself for an extended period of time. We’ll help prepare you for the unexpected.

If you are a business owner, let us work with you to offer Life and Health Group Benefits for your employees.

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